A Philippian Prayer

I wrote this a few months ago, while studying the book of Philippians. The first stanza corresponds broadly to 1v15-26, the second stanza to 2v6-11, the third to 3v7-11, and the fourth to 3v12-14.

May Christ be served in all my ways,
may I rejoice with every breath.
If I receive no earthly praise,
cast down in life, alone in death,
I know I won’t be put to shame —
to live is Christ, to die is gain!

He grasped no glory for his own,
took humble form, by men cast down.
God raised him up, gave him the throne,
the highest name, the brightest crown,
the endless high exalted reign —
his sacrifice, his death was gain!

I once took pride in all I’d earned,
but count it worthless at his cross.
All I treasured now is spurned,
I now call wealth what once was loss,
I now call health what once was pain —
To live is Christ, to die is gain!

I long to be now where he is,
I long to see him face to face.
For that is why he made me his:
to reach the goal, to run the race,
to leave the past, for this I strain —
to live is Christ, to die is gain!

What do you think?

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